SilverSneakers® is a trusted and sought-after fitness and lifestyle brand that’s available to members through select Medicare plans at no additional cost. It’s more than a gym membership, it’s a beloved program that gives seniors the opportunity to make friends, maintain independence and conquer their health goals.


Client, agent and broker education

Learn about SilverSneakers and how to share information with members. These items are not for member distribution.

Member-facing materials

Print and share these materials with members so they can learn about SilverSneakers at in-person or virtual member events.

Quick Toolkit Download for Member Events
Includes all the member-facing items for a quick, easy download.


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“Many of my clients made the decision to purchase their Medicare Supplement policies based on the availability of SilverSneakers as an added benefit. Other fitness plans are considered less valuable, because they simply do not resonate with the target demographic like SilverSneakers does.” – Lee S.