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Free Ebook: 10 Must-Try SilverSneakers Group Exercise Classes

Are you a SilverSneakers member? Are you interested in learning more about the group fitness classes available to you as part of your benefit?

10 Must-Try SilverSneakers Group Exercise ClassesThe most successful exercise programs are the ones you can stick with. SilverSneakers group exercise classes are a great way to have fun while exercising, which makes it much easier to keep at it long-term. Plus, you can make new friends and meet other fitness-minded adults like you in your classes!

Sandra, a SilverSneakers member, says her favorite part of SilverSneakers group exercise classes is: "Having a great group trainer, flexibility & meeting great people!"

Which class is right for you? This ebook outlines the 10 most popular group exercise classes  there could be a class going on at your local fitness location right now!

If you are:

  • A SilverSneakers member
  • Active at the gym, or interested in becoming more active
  • Looking for ways to make fitness fun
  • Ready to make new friends at the gym

...then this ebook is perfect for you!